A Victim Of Her Own Paranoia - Tina Brown

A Victim Of Her Own Paranoia

Author: Tina Brown

  • Publication Date: 2008-08-29
  • Category: Romance


Riveting, gripping and enticing. A nice read. A paranoiac Vision that lead to dismay and heartache. A woman torn between her assumption and her personal beliefs, Was she wrong?
Tenika badly wanted to forget her horrible experience. However, it was very difficult to forget the past. Sleep eluded her. She was torn between the love she felt for a man that had broken her heart and the memory of the immeasurable pain his betrayal had caused. Despite all the pain and bitterness, she still couldnt forget him.

The years passed as Tenika tried to move on with her life. Until one day, her past resurfaced in her present. Caught off guard, confusion reigned supreme as emotions she thought were buried came rushing to the fore.

Runikee Michaelson, the handsome bastard who broke her heart, was back; and he was on a mission to get her back, and he was not taking no for an answer. They were destined to be together. Will Tenika forgive Runikee and reignite their passionate affair, or will Runikee fail to win back the love of his life?