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  • Exquisitely Intricate

    By Dauntlesst
    A tightly coiled series of events that overlap into an amazing breath holding finale. Anna Pigeon rises up, in this story of her first NPS job as a seasonal interpreter, from her prior loss and gains a sense of self and physical strength. Wonderful descriptions of wrenching experiences that would have broken most people, but not Anna. Thanks for the words, Nevada Barr.
  • Photos

    By AuntFlora
    Fabulous book and vivid verbal images. How about a few actual photos? Long time fan.
  • The Rope

    By Moosh0333
    This is true Anna Pigeon and Nevada Barr. As with all of her other books it is well written. It holds your interest from the beginning to the end and along the journey the descriptions of the area area wonderful.
  • Outstanding as always!!

    By 13oddball
    I truly enjoyed getting to learn more about what shaped Anna into the Ranger that she becomes. To me Anna stepped off the pages years ago and became a real, living, breathing person in my eyes. It was a static thrill to see her as she was in the very beginning of her formation as the amazing woman we've known her as. No better heroine exists!
  • Outstanding

    By Frederika2
    Interesting view into the psyche of Anna Pigeon. There is obviously still more to the story, as it should be. Bet you want to reread the first story again!