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  • Soso good!

    By angelaherring1967
    I just get Hannah! I’ve read every book and I love her. She tells every part of the story and allows us to come inside for a sit by the fire!
  • Great

    By zxovg
    Excellent writing, great read. Hannah never disappoints with any of her books. Look forward to your next endeavor!
  • Feelings are strong!

    By Mu5icLu66er
    I love Kristen Hannah’s books. The characters come alive on the page. One small part dragged in the middle. However, overall, she made you FEEL the characters. Great writing!
  • Home Front

    By Burry R
    Good Read
  • Weak writing!

    By Danielle Liger
    I really enjoyed Nightingale and decided to try another Hannah book. I was surprised that the quality was so poor, like a high school student's writing style! The plot was predictable, the characters were fairly hollow, and the linguistic quirks were irritating. Don't know where her editor was on vacation... She seemed to have researched just enough about this subject to think she sounded authentic, but it really fell flat. The story was a really good idea but the result, though there were a few touching parts, was just corny. And the 4/5 year old behaved like she was about 2, so that was also odd. Book fail all around.
  • Home Front

    By BPF72
    This was a quick, engaging read that shed a lot of light on what our soldiers go through. I felt like Part 2 dragged a little bit and I really couldn't stand the daughters - their personalities were really over the top to me. Other than that, an emotional, worth-while read.
  • Awesome!

    By Angel6204
    Couldn't put this book down!
  • Home Front

    By Mummay's
    One of the best books I have read in a very long time. Hannah really brought the characters to life and I was there every step of the way. I can't wait to read another one from this author
  • Woohoo!!

    By LinzNelly
    Another fantastic, "can't put it down" book by Kristin Hannah!
  • Home Front

    By Lindylou39
    Great strong characters in a very timely situation for our country. Well developed & illustrates the hardships that our service men & women's families experience when there family members are at war.