The Engagement Equation - Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow & Mary Ann Masarech

The Engagement Equation

Author: Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow & Mary Ann Masarech

  • Publication Date: 2012-09-17
  • Category: Management & Leadership


Create a culture of engagement and build high-performance culture
The Engagement Equation explains the drivers of employee engagement, and how you can use improved engagement to execute strategy, reduce costs, and meet your organizational goals. This book describes a unique engagement model that focuses on individuals' contribution to a company's success and personal satisfaction in their roles. Aligning employees' values, goals, and aspirations with those of the organization is the best method for achieving the sustainable employee engagement. The Engagement Equation is designed to provide a framework that will help you move the needle on engagement.
Explains how to plan and execute a sustainable organization-wide engagement initiative Shows how to avoid the engagement survey analysis-paralysis trap Shares ways to align employee contribution with strategy Encourages leaders to pay attention to and better understand your organizational culture, and much more
Ultimately, it's the daily dynamics at play in your team, your division, and your organization that matter most.