The White Princess - Philippa Gregory

The White Princess

Author: Philippa Gregory

  • Publication Date: 2013-07-23
  • Category: Historical
4 Score: 4
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Adapted for the STARZ original series, The White Princess.

Love to the Death.

When Henry Tudor picks up the crown of England from the mud of Bosworth field, he knows he must marry the princess of the enemy house—Elizabeth of York—to unify a country divided by war for more than three decades. But his bride is still in love with his dead enemy, and her mother and half of England remain loyal to her brother, the missing York heir.

Henry’s greatest fear is that somewhere a prince is waiting to reclaim the throne. When a young man who would be king invades England, Elizabeth has to choose between the new husband she is coming to love and the boy who claims to be her lost brother: the rose of York come home at last.

“A bloody irresistible read.” —People

“Bring on the blood, sex, and tears!...You name it, it’s all here.” —USA TODAY


  • 💜💜

    By Aleshia🌞
    This book was amazing
  • I really tried to like this book!

    By Tqd007
    I have loved every book of Gregory's I've picked up. Except this one. I was wishing it would end and was disappointed when it didn't deliver what I was used to with her fiction. First, the beginning is very well written and I loved it. Then, it just lost all steam. Very disappointed.
  • Horrible

    By I Kant tink of a nicknam
    This was a huge disappointment. I've enjoyed all the author's previous novels but this one was different. It was poorly written, ith an unconvincing plot and conspiracy theories. The main character, Elizabeth, seems to lack any depth and is quite frankly boring. She seems to exist in a bubble without any knowledge of court intrigue which is highly improbable and difficult to overlook. I will think twice before purchasing any more novels by this author.
  • The White Princess

    By KC Minneapolis
    I have enjoyed other novels by this author far more. This one I found tedious and not compelling.
  • Engaging - an almost page turner

    By MLBR2002
    I love Philippa Gregory novels. Her Tudor series and now Cousins series have kept me begging for the next novel. I do love the "white princess," but it's not my favorite. If I could have given it 4 1/2 stars I would have because my only complaint is that the topic of "the boy" and Henry Tudor finding him, then losing him again seemed to drag on. Some of the chapters were a bit repetitive in that respect. Other than that, I am a satisfied fan.
  • Boring

    By KristaMurphy
    This book is as boring as The Other Boleyn Girl was gripping. She writes from the point of view of Elizabeth, yet has her so removed from all the intrigue that there is none of the witty conversation or peek into political machinations that make her other novels so good. In fact, Elizabeth is so devoid of character she speaks mainly in questions, dumbly repeating what is told to her. It is so frustratingly dull! Save your $ and skip this one.
  • Disappointing

    By DaKoda1
    I really wanted to like this book but it went on, and on, and on - only to end abruptly with no conclusion. I guess you need a degree in English history to find out how it ends? I really loved The Other Boleyn Girl but this book doesn't come close to it. What a shame.
  • Never disappoints

    By GutsyGirl57
    Ms. gregory has written another intriguing tale during tumultuous times in England. I couldn't put it down, and was glad I had the excuse of a bum knee to keep me still and reading!