Lord Greyfalcon's Reward - Amanda Scott

Lord Greyfalcon's Reward

Author: Amanda Scott

  • Publication Date: 2013-05-07
  • Category: Historical


She knew all about his womanizing reputation, but wasn’t prepared for his charm
When Sylvia Jensen-Graham travels to London to inform her country neighbor, the new Earl of Greyfalcon, that his recently widowed mama needs him, she little realizes that she’ll need to employ trickery just to see the Earl. But the Dowager Countess’s complaints about her health and her rakish son have been driving Sylvia to distraction, so she poses as a messenger and boldly enters Greyfalcon’s club. He unmasks her but soon begins minding his affairs—and Sylvia’s—until Sylvia fears that she’ll need rescuing from the consequences of her own good deed.