An Affair of Honor - Amanda Scott

An Affair of Honor

Author: Amanda Scott

  • Publication Date: 2013-05-07
  • Category: Historical


USA Today–bestselling author: Their reckless love would scandalize society—but they may not be able to resist . . .

A series of disasters in Eleanor Lindale’s well-to-do family kept her out of the social whirl where she might have attracted suitors. Now, at age twenty-five, she believes she is irretrievably on the shelf. But her quiet life in Brighton abruptly changes when she’s asked to chaperone her beautiful seventeen-year-old niece, Lady Aurora Crossways, for a brief season before Aurora’s wedding to Philip Radford, Earl of Huntley. Aurora’s flirtatious and boisterous behavior is difficult for Eleanor to manage. More trying still are Eleanor’s growing feelings for Philip, and his for her. But will Philip’s strong sense of honor prevent him from following his heart?