Rough and Ready - Mari Carr

Rough and Ready

Author: Mari Carr

  • Publication Date: 2022-06-15
  • Category: Contemporary


Gio is one of the Moretti brothers, which means he’s blessed with a big family and lots of guy friends. Unfortunately, there’s an unspoken code amongst his buddies…one where sisters are off-limits. That wouldn’t be a problem if he could stop thinking about Kayden’s vivacious, fun-loving little sister, Keeley. 
Keeley’s not exactly batting a thousand when it comes to life. She just lost her job and her apartment, and her only true talent seems to be picking the worst guys on the planet off online dating sites. 
Rafe is a glutton for punishment. He must be. Otherwise, his brain would have engaged before he offered Keeley—the woman he and his roommate are both attracted to—a job as his personal assistant and a place to stay. He and Gio have always been stand-up guys, but Keeley is so tempting, so sexy, that they’re in danger of breaking all the rules.
When one kiss lead to a second and then to something much, much more, the lovers are left to decide if they’re engaging in a fling or embarking on forever.