The Godmakers - Frank Herbert

The Godmakers

Author: Frank Herbert

  • Publication Date: 2013-04-21
  • Category: Science Fiction


An interstellar agent discovers his latent powers while investigating a warlike planet in this classic sci-fi fantasy by the author of Dune.

It’s been centuries since the devastating Rim Wars separated numerous planets from the protection and control of the galactic empire. The Rediscovery and Reeducation Service is dedicated to finding these “lost planets” and returning them to the fold. But not all civilizations are eager to cooperate.

Young and charismatic, Lewis Orne is one of the best R&R agents in the organization’s history. But when he identifies troubling signs on the planet of Hamal, he is transferred to Investigative Adjustment, the agency that specializes in dealing with violent worlds. Suddenly, Orne is shuttling to the edge of the galaxy to detect any signs of latent aggression among Hamal’s population.

Shortly after making landfall, Orne makes a far more astonishing discovery: he suddenly finds himself in possession of profound extrasensory powers. When these powers become known, he is invited to join Hamal’s company of “gods.” It is an offer too enticing to refuse. Yet being a god comes with certain expectations . . .