Winners - Danielle Steel


Author: Danielle Steel

  • Publication Date: 2013-11-26
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 373 Ratings)



Even the most perfect lives can be shattered in an instant. In this moving, emotionally charged novel, Danielle Steel introduces readers to an unforgettable cast of characters striving to overcome tragedy and discover the inner resources and resilience to win at life—once again.
Lily Thomas is an aspiring ski champion training for the Olympics, a young woman with her heart set on winning the gold. But in one moment, Lily’s future is changed forever, her hopes for the Olympics swept away in a tragic accident.
Dr. Jessie Matthews, the neurosurgeon who operates on her that night, endures a tragedy of her own, and instantly becomes the sole support of her four young children, while her own future hangs in the balance.
Bill, Lily’s father, has pinned all his hopes on his only daughter, his dreams now shattered.
Other lives will entwine themselves with theirs: Joe, a financial manager, faces a ruined career at the hand of a dishonest partner. Carole, a psychologist at Mass General, is a breast cancer survivor, her body and heart scarred by what she’s been through. Teddy, with a spinal cord injury worse than Lily’s, dreams of college and becoming an artist.
From the ashes of their lives, six people fight to alter the course of destiny and refuse to be defeated. When Bill builds a remarkable rehab facility for his daughter, countless lives are forever altered, and each becomes a winner.
Winners is about refusing to be beaten, no matter how insurmountable the challenge. And when Lily gets on skis again and enters the Paralympics, the battle to brave life again is won.
Winners is about more than surviving, it is about courage, victory, and triumph. When all appears to be lost, the battle has just begun.

BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Danielle Steel's Pegasus.

Praise for Winners
“Steel skillfully weaves the strands of the Matthews and Thomas families together in a layered story. . . . Together, they discover friendship, loyalty, and new dreams.”Publishers Weekly
“[Winners] will leave readers crying and cheering.”Booklist


  • Love this book!!!!!

    By Julie/Texas
    So well written as usual by DS. I was sad when it ended as I wanted the story to continue. Well worth your time to read!
  • Awesome story

    By Zzzskp
    A wonderful read with a story full of hope and real life experiences that give a look into the lives of real people and the challenges they overcome. It was a heartwarming story and an uplifting enjoyable book.
  • Winners

    By Girliepot
    I wanted a few more pages for Bill and Jessie's married life. Wished it did not end yet.
  • Winners

    By Catsdtr
    I couldn't put it down. It proves to us that not everyone has a perfect live and how fast it can change. Awesome.
  • An ok read

    By Yeahbubbie
    This was totally predictable and slow paced at times.
  • Winners

    By Pam rc
    Very enjoyable book to read, but as usual Danielle Steel is so repetitive. Just don't take this one seriously!
  • Predictable....

    By StatNurse💉
    A little too phony and very could a father who loves his daughter THAT much, let her go out skiing in a horrible snowstorm?!?! Everyone is also SUPER wealthy in all of her novels.