Leaving Time (with bonus novella Larger Than Life) - Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time (with bonus novella Larger Than Life)

Author: Jodi Picoult

  • Publication Date: 2014-10-14
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 1,628 Ratings)


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A deeply moving, gripping, and intelligent page-turner about a daughter’s search for her mother, Leaving Time is Jodi Picoult at the height of her powers.

Includes the novella Larger Than Life

Throughout her blockbuster career, Jodi Picoult has seamlessly blended nuanced characters, riveting plots, and rich prose, brilliantly creating stories that “not only provoke the mind but touch the flawed souls in all of us” (The Boston Globe). Now, in Leaving Time, she has delivered a book unlike anything she’s written before.

For more than a decade, Jenna Metcalf has never stopped thinking about her mother, Alice, who mysteriously disappeared in the wake of a tragic accident. Refusing to believe she was abandoned, Jenna searches for her mother regularly online and pores over the pages of Alice’s old journals. A scientist who studied grief among elephants, Alice wrote mostly of her research among the animals she loved, yet Jenna hopes the entries will provide a clue to her mother’s whereabouts.

Desperate to find the truth, Jenna enlists two unlikely allies in her quest: Serenity Jones, a psychic who rose to fame finding missing persons, only to later doubt her gifts, and Virgil Stanhope, the jaded private detective who’d originally investigated Alice’s case along with the strange, possibly linked death of one of her colleagues. As the three work together to uncover what happened to Alice, they realize that in asking hard questions, they’ll have to face even harder answers.

As Jenna’s memories dovetail with the events in her mother’s journals, the story races to a mesmerizing finish.

Praise for Leaving Time

“Piercing and uplifting . . . a smart, accessible yarn with a suspenseful puzzle at its core.”The Boston Globe

“Poignant . . . an entertaining tale about parental love, friendship, loss.”The Washington Post

“A riveting drama.”Us Weekly

“[A] moving tale.”People

“A fast-paced, surprise-ending mystery.”USA Today

“In Jenna, [Jodi] Picoult has created an unforgettable character who will easily endear herself to each and every reader. . . . Leaving Time may be her finest work yet.”Bookreporter

“[A] captivating and emotional story.”BookPage


  • Incredible book

    By Stoooolie
    Could not put this book down. One of my favorites in a long time
  • Leaving time

    By 1934829
    If this book by Jodi Picoult didn’t have the elephants’ information within this story, I would not have completed reading it. This storyline is so convoluted and disconnected, even the characters within do not know what to do and/or are doing throughout. If this was supposed to be a love story (between characters), it is not. An extremely disappointing read, especially since it was written by a well known, popular Author. I have come to enjoy her books over the years but this would not even get one star. The star was necessary, so I could write and publish this Review. Margaret
  • Leaving Time

    By Goneworth
    I was mesmerized and surprised. I wish that I had not yet read it so I could read it again and laugh and cry all over again as the author reveals the truths. This was pure art
  • Read this book in 1.5 days

    By boomermnf77
    I love Jodi Picoult as a 30 yo and have since I was a child. This book did not disappoint.
  • Julie B Jones

    By Rita Read
  • Left me shocked

    By Bunmom88
    Once again the ending shocked me. I couldn’t believe it. Definitely a good read.
  • An Elephant of a Lie

    By Trumansky
    One of the worst books I’ve read in awhile. Poor character development - the drunk detective - check. Loony psychic - check. Crazy husband - yup. Precocious teen - you betcha. Then the plot takes a whippy u turn. I about threw my iPad across the room. Heard great things about Picoult. Greatly disappointed.
  • Asstxe

    By Audiods
  • SheilaKim

    By Kimsheila
    I loved your book “Leaving Time’! Well written with a surprise ending. Moreover, was the education I obtained about the lives and sadly the plight of elephants. You are a special person for writing a compelling story, while at the same time educating your readers.
  • Amazing!!!!

    By Wendycas
    This novel was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. It totally captures the essence of love between creature and human and spiritually. A must read.