Star Trek: Alien Spotlight - Tribbles - Stuart Moore & Mike Hawthorne

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight - Tribbles

Author: Stuart Moore & Mike Hawthorne

  • Publication Date: 2014-04-02
  • Category: Graphic Novels


An offbeat one-shot featuring STAR TREK's most unlikely alien race! Welcome to Serjilla IV, an abandoned world completely overrun by Tribbles: friendly, trilling balls of fur that eat constantly and, in the words of Dr. Leonard McCoy, 'reproduce at will.' When a human freighter, boarded by hostile Klingons, crash-lands on Serjilla, the Tribbles' quiet but lonely existence is shattered. It's a simple situation, really-three desperate humans, a squadron of angry Klingons, and a billion hungry Tribbles. What could possibly go wrong?