Street Art - Russ Thorne

Street Art

Author: Russ Thorne

  • Publication Date: 2014-12-22
  • Category: Art & Architecture


Full-colour illustrated ebook. An incredible illustrated ebook in the Fantasy Art series, ideal for iPad. Street Art is a fantastic foray into the unique and extremely creative world of this art form. The explosion of graffiti-styled street art in the early 1980s has continued to be a popular form of self-expression. By choosing public places to display their artwork, artists can achieve a more direct communication with the public, as opposed to being confined to the more formal art world. This exciting new book includes over 170 photographs of expressive and unconventional street art images from around the world, as well as a fascinating discussion of the styles, techniques and inspirations of both infamous artists and unknown talents. From mind-boggling illusions to satirical depictions, this book will have you looking on in awe. Best viewed on an iPad with a retina display: it's a large book but it's worth it!