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    By HateThisJunk
    The book starts slow, speeds up, then falls off a cliff. I almost didn’t finish it. Mr. Wendig has a mediocrity of style that left me wanting more Zahn, less social justice poppycock. I never cared to have Star Wars involve overt sexuality, but now Kathleen Kennedy and Mr. Wendig have not only thrust sexuality into the franchise, they’ve decided to make a statement with it. Stop prostituting the Star Wars franchise like this. I don’t need men kissing women or men kissing men or women kissing women. What I want is a solid, engaging story without a bunch of thinly veiled political and social commentary. This book has earned a place on the literary dung heap. May it compost well and thoroughly.
  • Adams Star Wars Boock

    By an904367585
  • StarvWars Aftermath

    By MaTT1649
    It was a pretty good book. I enjoyed it
  • Wow

    By ThanksForYourHate
    Great job destroying the story line and turning it into a political statement. Instead of it being something everyone can enjoy, it’s now full of one sides political views and hate.
  • Meh

    By Brrrn2112
    Was alright, Norra coming back at the end felt kinda rushed. Was cool to see them all come together though. Can’t wait to read the next two.
  • Boring and Forced Plot

    By TheSpieler11
    The characters are about as interesting as a wet piece of cardboard and certain characters seem to have forced interactions for the sake of checking boxes on their list. Did not enjoy this one hopefully the next is better but I’m not holding my breath.
  • Hmmm

    By bookreveiwer908
    Okay the book is okay,but I feel like they should make a book about the acolytes.Of course we see..one..chapter about them.ugggjhh
  • Boring

    By SSG Esch
    Of the 100-or-so Star Wars EU books I've read this has to be the most boring one yet. I seriously could not give two hoots about any of the new characters. It was a struggle just to finish it--hoping all the while that it would get better. It didn't.
  • Horrible Writing

    By Brichter83
    The story is a good one but the way this author writes its like a play that a 10 year old would write. EX: “Do this do that” john says. “I will do that and that” Smith says. I wanted to so badly get into this book but the author killed it for me.
  • Cool

    By JoshuaMD86