Toasty - Alexa Riley


Author: Alexa Riley

  • Publication Date: 2020-03-17
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Score: 4
(From 140 Ratings)


Myra Michaels has been a personal slave to Kace Cox for far too long. She's tired of him making her work all hours of the night and taking long work trips with just the two of them that could have been an email. She's also really tired of the uncontrollable attraction she feels for him and she's got to get away from it. But the day she quits, she makes an even bigger mistake and now she's got a secret baby bump to think of. Hiding out in a reclusive billionaire's castle sounds like a great plan. That is until Kace comes knocking.

Kace Cox has wanted Myra since the moment she walked into his office. But his policy of not sleeping with employees leaves no room for his desires. He's waited all this time and hasn't touched another woman since the day he laid eyes on her. So when Myra quits she's finally fair game. He gets just one taste of her and then she disappears, but she has no idea how determined he can be.

Warning: What could possibly happen when he finds her?! Get toasty with us, because you know it's a steamy happily ever after!


  • Baby Batter & Limo Shenanigans

    By Book Snob Sue
    Alexa Riley is back in all their naughty glory complete with baby batter and limo shenanigans, and that was just the prologue *wags eyebrows*. This is Pippa’s sister from Cozy, and her boss, Kace. They have a steamy night together and then she takes off. No need to worry my reading peeps, he tracks her down and they get their hea, complete with 2 epilogues. Oh, did I mention Alexa Riley is back *happy freaking dance*. #MyAddictionIsReal #TheyLikeMyKindaStalking
  • Ice and Toasty

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    This companion book to Cozy tells Myra and Kace’s story. He’s a grumpy boss who makes his PA’s life busy and so difficult she quits. But before she leaves, she gets quite a send off.