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  • Beautifully written...

    By donpinks
    I loved every minute, every word, every line, every argument...I smiled at their antics and cheered at their triumphs. I think this is the best in the wallflower series...or maybe not...I don’t know..Evie’s story was so real and gritty and charming at the same time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and I intend to read this at least 100 more times.
  • Awwwww

    By Stacysharena
    Love this story. Daisy and Matthew Swift are perfect in my view. I loved their love and was so moved by their passion for each other. Beautiful story!! A must read!
  • Scandal in the spring

    By Armik B
    Good book I am enjoying he series love all the characters 3
  • Loved this book!!

    By TwilightChick4567
    I read this book on a whim when I was in High school and loved it. This book sparked my interest in all the wallflowers and their men so I got my mom to get me the other books and i have to say that although i love all the wall flowers this my favorite because of the relationship that Daisy and Matthew have. Basically, it made me squeal like a ten year old girl who just got a new barbie doll. So i recommend this book to all and hope that others find it as enjoyable as I did and still do.
  • Warm, fuzzy love story...

    By Sittingatmyporch
    Ideal for a lazy, rainy weekend afternoon read.
  • Good and fast read

    By Nag DeNu
    I love this series! My only complaint with this book is that it was not long enough.
  • Enjoyable!

    By FilStar2010
    This is an enjoyable read. Undoubtedly a Lisa Kleypas novel. LK fans will not be disappointed. It's only four stars because Devil in Winter got the five.
  • Favorite Wallflower

    By Roxicodone
    Most readers liked Devil In Winter best of the 4 Wallflower books but this one, this story of Daisy and Matthew, is my favorite. Daisy is both charming and courageous, and Matthew's love for her, his steady, dependable love, seals the entire deal. I really enjoyed the whole book--which, as you will probably agree, is hard to find.