The Forbidden Bond - Quinn Loftis

The Forbidden Bond

Author: Quinn Loftis

  • Publication Date: 2024-03-31
  • Category: Paranormal Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5
(From 43 Ratings)


Vampires and werewolves. Sworn enemies. 

Alice Douglas, gifted geneticist, finds herself coerced by her influential father into participating in a clandestine government project led by Cain, the king of all vampires. Cain aims to create a formidable hybrid army by combining the strongest and most dangerous vampire and werewolf traits. But the experiment has a deadly cost, having already claimed the lives of numerous dormant werewolves.

Alice’s role in the enterprise takes a dramatic turn when Cain discovers she is a rare gypsy healer, potentially the key to his plan’s success. An unexpected bond forms between the pair, a forbidden connection between light and darkness. Their relationship is further complicated when Alice is attacked by a rogue vampire, Claude. In a desperate bid to save her, Cain gives Alice his blood, transforming her into… something. But Alice’s pure soul violently rejects the king’s vampiric blood, throwing her life into grave peril.

Enter Perizada of the fae, protector of all gypsy healers. Peri learns that Alice's salvation lies with her true mate, Maxim, a rogue werewolf. The wolf, determined to rescue Alice, joins forces with Fane Lupei, the Alpha of alphas. Meanwhile, Alice, held captive and battling internal turmoil, believes there's goodness in Cain and strives to unearth it. But Cain is resolute in keeping Alice his prisoner, regardless of the consequences.

A new alliance of wolves and healers must find a way to sever Cain's deadly bond with Alice without killing her, and thwart the vampire’s plans to unleash an unstoppable hybrid army–a threat stronger than any the wolves have ever faced.