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  • Great Read

    By Rmechtly
    Enjoyed reading! Lee Child is a master writer! Can’t wait to read the next one!
  • The midnight line

    By nickname5452316
    OUTSTANDING in every respect!
  • Reacher is ALWAYS fun

    By JBSomatic
    Another fun Reacher read.
  • Enjoyable

    By Pandraswrath
    I am rereading this series since it’s been a few years and I need the reminders since I vaguely remember plot points yet haven’t read the recent ones. I like them just as much now as I did then. Unfortunately I’ve noticed, this read around, that a bit of the spelling is off. It’s not that they are spelled wrong per se, but this booked is based in the US yet there are a lot of words and phrases that are decidedly British. I have no difficulty translating things like kerb (my husband comes from New Zealand), but it is a bit jarring and often throws me out of the story for a bit. The books are great, the have interesting plots and imaginative whodunnits. The dialogues aren’t stilted and weird. If you enjoy well written characters and stories, this series is for you. If you obsess on small details, like kerb instead of curb, this series will drive you nuts.
  • Terrible

    By HernandezKaren
    Worst Reacher book ever and the last book isn’t great either. You need to quit writing now Lee Child.
  • Tight!!

    By jgfrrr
    Tighten t the same thing you could do with
  • Very disappointed

    By Hamrtr
    First let me say that I am a huge Reacher fan. I’ve read and reread every book about the man. But this one was not your average Reacher book. Bad beginning bad middle and even worst ending. The story behind the ring was bland and disappointing. And the ending was very disappointing. Now if you’re reading this and this is your first Jack Reacher book you’re looking to buy, don’t let me discourage you from reading the Reacher series. Just do not start with this one. Bad luck and trouble is my personal fav. But literally start with any other book than this one.
  • Same Old

    By BanksSuck
    The usual but always good
  • The Midnight Line

    By boots saddle
    Not the best Reacher yarn...but also not the worst. Improbable plot, but readable.
  • Not his best work

    By S&R69
    Wish he would do more books that have more action. The drama in Wyoming is disappointing to say the least. I’m a huge fan, however his writing comes up short in these desolate environments.